• kenburns1
    More than
    25.56 EUR
    Protect your business
    Do not let the hacker attacks destroy business
    Provide a secure copy to another location
    Backup in the datacenter to another country
    One copy of each week
    We preserve the past ten copies

Backup data

Data protection is crucial for a company. After analyzing the IT services that enable the functioning of the business system, determines the optimal plan for secure data storage.

Popular Packages

In addition to those, in accordance with the requirements create special packages.

Disk Space Price EUR Disk Space Price EUR
To 50GB 25.56 50GB – 100GB 30.67
100GB – 250GB 40.90 250GB – 500GB 60.33
500GB – 1000GB 45.50 1000GB – 2000GB 142.13
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