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A domain is a unique website name. In order for a site to be visible on the Internet, it needs to have a unique name - domain.

We offer fast national registration(.rs, me, hr, ba, .срб…) and all international domains (.com, .net, .org…), without unnecessary paperwork, payment online with paypal, card or via account in just a few clicks.

Domain Registration
(one year )
Domain transfer
(includes renewal for one year)
DNS management
.COM 23 КМ (12€) 23 КМ (12€) Free Register
.ORG 23 КМ (12€) 23 КМ (12€) Free Register
.BIZ 23 КМ (12€) 23 КМ (12€) Free Register
.NET 23 KM (12€) 23 КМ (12€) Free Register
.TV 94 KM (49€) 94 КМ (49€) Free Register
.RS 47 KM (24€) 47 КМ (24€) Free Register
CO.RS 35 KM (18€) 35 КМ (18€) Free Register
ORG.RS 35 KM (18€) 35 КМ (18€) Free Register
EDU.RS 35 KM (19€) 35 КМ (18€) Free Register
IN.RS 22 KM (12€) 22 KM (12€) Free Register
.BA 59 KM (30€) 59 КМ (30€) Free Register
.RS.BA 12 KM (6€)(Free for our clients) 12 КМ (6€) Free Register
.RS.SR 12 KM (6€)(Free for our clients) 12 КМ (6€) Free Register
.СРБ 22 KM (12€) 22 KM (12€) Free Register
.INFO 23 KM (12€) 23 КМ (12€) Free Register

Prices are without VAT. In addition to the above, we can provide other domains of your choice. For all questions we are at your service.

  • .BA

    .BA domain requires additional documentationОпширније...

    DNS .RS.BA

    Tertiary DNS for RS.BA subdomains is determined on BitLab servers.

    .RS and .СРБ

    We perform the registration of the .RS domain and the Cyrillic .СРБ domain

    Our DNS

    ns1.bitlab.host -, ns2.bitlab.host -, ns3.bitlab.host -

Domain transfer and redirection

We will assist you in transferring and redirecting domains. We enable the protection of domain owner data.

Upgrade your domain with additional features

Privacy protection

Protect your privacy and personal information. If someone wants to contact you as a domain owner, they must fill out an online form that forwards the email, without revealing the identity of the person contacting you.

Theft protection

We automatically lock the domain after registration to prevent it misuse and protect you from possible unauthorized domain transfers. If necessary, we can unlock the domain (in the case of transfers for example) at any time

Email sifting

Simply create a redirect directly to the domain and redirect all incoming email to the email address you already use. The process is simple and it is done in few minutes.

DNS management

DNS management allows changes and creation of A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, NS, TXT, SRV, SOA DNS zone records using BitLab DNS server. This means you don't need it hosting or a separate DNS server for the proper functioning of the domain

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