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Answer your questions each working day from 09h - 22h, the answer you will get in the shortest possible time (wait until the next day).

Do not worry, we're with you!

The servers are under our supervision for 24 hours.
We suggest ticket assistance.
For telefsku support is necessary to make additional payment of 9 EUR per month.

  What belongs to the free support?

Do not do mail / webmail
SQL does not work
Site is not visible
Support for domains
Functions in the Control Panel
Restore from backup
Installation CMS
Free migration
Changing the main domain

  What does not belong to free support?

They do not make login data for CMS
They appear errors on the site
Setting the script to send mail
Cleaning of phishing / malware code
Setting ht access file
Opening mail account
It is not additive within the CMS
Attendance Report Site
Setting a Cron Job.
Additional support!

If you have a problem or need that is not a free support, you can count on the help of our professional staff. However, keep in mind that we expect a reward for the effort and time spent. Our engineer hour is 60KM and is calculated in increments of 15 minutes. In consultation with our support, you can ask for help.

The most commonly requested support services

SEO site optimization (basic package) - 61.35 EUR
Postavljanje Google Analytics na sajt - 20.45 EUR
Update wordpress ili Joomla – 30.67 EUR


Creating a backup site – 10.22 EUR
Cleaning the site of hacks and viruses20.45 - 40.90 EUR
Web site development - 178.95 EUR

Our DNS Samsung

ns1.bitlab.host -
ns2.bitlab.host -
ns3.bitlab.host -




I have a problem, and you is not working time. What should I do?
There are two solutions - to wait donaredni day or dedicated servers and support package that suits you. If your business is very connected with servism we can provide you and you can suffer huge financial losses due to untimely response or the intervention, then you definitely need to make the payment for special support. In this case, contact us to advise you.
Does the hosting company does not have 24 hour support?
We have 24h support for servers. If a problem occurs with the server at any time, we will respond immediately. Questions the user through the ticket system meets weekdays from 07 - 21 hours.
My site has been hacked, what can I do?

This situation is very serious.

You are responsible for all the content of your site and for its safety. If you hack your accounts threatens the safety of other users, you'll have to suspend an order to prevent further attempts header. If hacking accounts does not jeopardize server then you will not be suspended.

We will give you the basic guidelines of what is happening, how to protect yourself and we'll give you a website from a backup.

Will you clean my site of insertion of code when it hacked?

We will offer you restore data from the most recent Bakap's completely free. If the decline in the order was executed more weeks and you have not noticed it then the latest bakup will not help because the site bakup-ram with malicious code, then we will find older bakup. We maintain 10 copies of your site, for each week at a time. servicerestoring old Bakap it costs 35.79EUR.

BitLab invested enormous time and resources in the security server and we are sure the user at the system level, but hosting companies can not change the code on your site. If the code is poorly written or install a "hollow" plugin open the door to hackers that may fall on your site. Then you need to hire someone to central problems on the website. If you do not know whom to contact, please contact us via the ticket to give you advice.

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