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Paying have confirmed compliance with these regulations and has the force of the Law on Electronic Document, Art. 4. This regulation applies to all users of Web hosting services BitLab and aims to prevent illegal activities or possible abuse of the servers BitLab, respecting freedom of speech and expression unless it is harmful to others, protect the integrity and privacy of users and ensuring the safety and reliability of the network. By using the services over the network BitLab, the user accepts the rules of conduct contained in the Regulations, which means that it will not undertake activities that are defined in this Ordinance as unacceptable the use of services.

Client Account

Any person can open an account on the client BitLab site completely free. A person is obliged to when creating client orders brought true contact information: name, address, phone and e-mail address. If you have entered incorrect information (wrong phone, e-mail address ...) BitLab will delete the client account. All notices by BitLab will be sent to the e-mail address. Following the successful creation of client orders, the person becomes a user User is obliged to in case of change of e-mail address is updated in the same part of their client accounts. User is obliged to keep the parameters to access client accounts and that does not give this information to other parties. If the user does not have saved this data, one can of BitLab to request a reminder of the parameters for the access and they will be sent exclusively to the e-mail address specified in the client account. Access parameters are not sent to the e-mail addresses that are not listed in the order.

The opening of client accounts users agree that it BitLab be contacted by email up regular communications related to the service that you use, as well as such special information and offers.

Ordering domain

The user is responsible for the execution of orders through the site BitLab and payment of the same. BitLab not responsible if the user completes the wrong order and pay same. The service will be implemented and subsequent changes are not possible. If it happens that tells the user domain and in the order incorrectly typed in the domain name and pay for the order, the domain will be registered and a refund is not possible. It is only possible re-ordering and payment of the desired domain (assuming it is available for registration).

Ordering hosting

The user is responsible for the execution of orders through the site BitLab and payment of the same. User is obliged to be informed beforehand about the specifications of the hosting packages that wants to lease. Information required the user can find out or by contacting technical support through tickets. BitLab not responsible if the user has rented hosting package and the service does not reply.


After the order, the customer automatically receives a quote for services BitLab with information for making payment. If desired, the user can create a quote BitLab and sent to the email address specified in the client account. There are four methods of payment: payment slip (as an individual), payment by invoice (as a legal entity), payment card (online) and bank transfer (for users from abroad). If the customer does not pay within the stipulated time, it will contact the sales BitLab. If the customer after 30 days from the day the order is not made the payment and did not respond to e-mails and phone calls, orders will be canceled.

Realization of orders

Realization of orders (domain registration, hosting the opening of accounts, streaming audio) will be made after receipt of payment for the ordered services. Additional services (leased IP addresses, dedicated servers) are implemented upon receipt of payment and procurement process them without a specified time period. Bitlab has the right to refuse any order without stating reasons.

Access parameters

After the realization of services, the user gets access to the parameters of the e-mail address specified in the client account. User is obliged to keep this data, you are not given to unauthorized persons, and shall take care of the security of the computer on which these data are specific to keep it from hackers, viruses and other unwanted software. In case the loss parameters of access, you need to contact technical support via ticket and asked him to submit these data. The parameters for access will be sent exclusively to the e-mail address specified in the client account.

Tech Support

Tehnička podrška BitLab funkcioniše isključivo preko tiketa. Podršku ne pružamo putem telefona. Podrška se pruža isključivo za usluge koje imate zakupljene kod nas. Mi pružamo podršku za sva pitanja vezana za funkcionalnost servera i instalaciju skripti koje nudimo (cPanel i Fantastico). To podrazumjeva instalaciju skripti iz cPanela (Joomla, Wordpress, itd) ali ne i njihov rad, mjenjanje ili prilagođavanje korisnikovim potrebama. Ne pružamo podršku za plug-inove, module, dodatke itd. koji se naknadno mogu instalirati u te skripte (npr. Joomla, Wordpress).


BitLab has the right to promote and make changes to the software and hardware of the server on which there are shared hostinzi without consultation with the users of these hosting. If the user leases the entire server at BitLab's (and if BitLab order to maintain the same) major changes to the server configuration is done in consultation with the user.

The content and maintenance of virtual site

The user is fully responsible for the entire content of the site that hosts the server BitLab. Prohibited the presentation of content that can be harmful to BitLab server or any other server on the Internet, as well as placing links to such content on the Internet. Examples of unacceptable content: pirated software, hacker programs or archives, warez sites, irc ...

Prohibited are transmission or presentation of any information, data or material that is contrary to the legal regulations of RS, which is a criminal act or economic offense, violation of copyright and industrial property rights, acts of unfair competition, breach of good business practices and any other behavior contrary to generally accepted principles of morality.


BitLab not responsible for any damage that your business may suffer. AdriaHost not guaranteed directly or indirectly for services provided. BitLab not responsible for loss of data, undelivered messages, incorrectly delivered data, setting mail accounts as well as for all the interruptions.


BitLab may change, amend or supplement the Ordinance without notice. The application of the Ordinance shall enter into force on the moment of publication on BitLab presentation.

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