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Whether with you can host any kind of presentation?

No. Prohibited the presentation of content that can be harmful to BitLab server or any other server on the Internet, as well as placing links to such content on the Internet. Examples of unacceptable content: pirated software, hacker programs or archives, warez sites, irc ...

Can I lease hosting with you even though I'm a natural person?

Yes. After ordering the services you will receive instructions for payment form and payment can be made at any post office or bank.

Can I pay the hosting through your company?

Yes. We are a legal entity so that for each payment we issue a fiscal receipt.

I have deposited hosting and domain, when can I expect to be activated?

Services realize within 24 hours upon receipt of payment, however, has become a practice to implement all services within 1 hour after receipt of the payment the same day so that your site can be operational.

Do you contact someone at the end of service?

Yes. If you have a service in the rented BitLab, you will receive a notification via e-mail. If necessary, you will be notified by phone by BitLab sales. It is very important that you provide accurate contact information. Notices are received 20 days before the expiration of the service.

I want to transfer site near you, but do not know how?

Contact us and BitLab will perform the entire transfer site for you. This service is free. BitLba will open and switch hosting site. After the successful transfer of the site, sales will contact you for issuing the invoice for your hosting package.

Can I get technical support over the phone?

Technical support BitLaba operates through ticket because it is the quickest and most reliable way to solve problems. Phone support can be additionally included with any package extra on the monthly level of 4.60 EUR.

I'm trying to log in but can not. Why?

Ukoliko imate probleme pri prijavi na FTP, bazu, e-poštu ili kontrolpanel, velika vjerovatnoća je da ste unijeli pogrešnu šifru. Morate imati u vidu da su polja za login case sensitive (osetljiva na velika i mala slova). Najbolje je da kontaktirate BitLab podršku ukoliko imate problem sa prijavom.

Suspended my hosting and domain. Why?

Probably not renew hosting and domain has expired. Do these situations rarely comes as there is a great system for informing clients, and sales are made contact by telephone so that all the clients are always informed at least 20 days before the expiration of the service. BitLab also has the right to suspend the hosting in the event that there has been abuse but you will be contacted and informed about the details as soon as the abuse of the institution.

Do you do backups?

Yes. BitLab performs backup of all the sites once a week. However, the user takes on the full responsibility for all files on the purchased hosting as well as maintenance and backup of the same. Delivery of backup at the request of the customer an additional cost.

Is there a way to buy a domain that is already registered?

No, buying already registered domain is not possible. It is possible only if you find the domain owners and on you cede or sell the same - which is unlikely.

By no later than when they can extend the domain?

Domain expires on the same day you and register a domain only after a year or more (depending on how many years you have registered the same). The domain when it expires automatically locks or enters the redemption, or 27 days after the expiration, you can extend the same. After the expiry of the 27th day BitLab will not be able to help extend the domain.

How to change the DNS of the domain?

Contact technical support via Ticket and specify the name of the domain and a DNS that these should be directed domains.

Are wages change DNS's?

No. This service is free.

I set up my site, but I still see BitLab page in your account?

It is necessary to delete BitLab default page with your hosting accountp>

How many messages are allowed to send to your server?

Limit the number of messages sent is 500 per hour per domain.

I do not know how to upload the site to the local computer?

Set up your site in the .zip archive and send to, we will set up your site for you.

Is it possible to change the hosting package?

Yes, you can always ask to change hosting package, whether to change to a smaller or larger package.

Can you migrate my site from a previous hosting provider?

Yes, send us the access information, and we will conduct free migration for you

I have deposited a domain, when it will be activated?

Services are activated immediately after a registered payment. Payments are recorded weekdays from 12h to 16h. After receipt of payment will register the domain that you ordered and after registration, it is necessary to propagate the domain, which runs from 24 to 48h.

What are these DNS servers for BitLab's?

DNS1: -
DNS2: -
DNS3: -

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